E-Scooter Repair Service

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Opening hours:10 AM - 7 PM Opening days:Monday - Friday

Our mechanics are experience and well-trained


We only fix E-Scooters so we know how to do it best

Home service

We’ll fix your E-Scooter wherever you need it

Our services

Xiaomi Scooter Repairs

Repairs, parts replacement and adjustments

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E-Scooter Spare Parts

Spare parts for most E-Scooter models

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Home Service

Our mechanics will repair your E-Scooter wherever you are

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Price List

Basic services
Full E-Scooter review 20€
Cleaning and greasing 10€
Assembly and initial adjustment 15€
Home service 15€
Tire and camera repairs
Change camera or tire (labor only) 9€
Change camera (incl. camera) 15€
Change camera & tire (incl. parts) 27€
Put 10" wheels (wheels included) 60€
Put 10" wheels (labor only) 25€
Puncture liquid (one wheel) 5€
Parts replacement
Change tail light (incl. parts) 19€
Plastic fender support (incl. parts) 15€
Change hinge hook (labor only) 20€
Change hinge screw 9€
Change brake handle (incl. parts) 22€
Remove slack cane 10€
Steering adjustment 9€
Brakes adjustment 9€
Hinge adjustment 9€
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