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Electric kick scooter rental in Valencia

Kick Scooter Rental

Try an alternative way to see a big city without traffic jams.

Bicycle rental in Valencia

Bike Rental

Short-term and long-term bicycle and e-bike rental at low prices.

Scooters and Bicycle Repair Services in Valencia

Service & Repairs

We handle all bicycle and electric scooter repairs from simple puncture fixes through to complex builds and repairs.

Tour «All Valencia 1» with duration of 3,5 hours.

How can you see all of Valencia without getting tired?
It is very simple! We offer to you to ride electric scooters at the most comfortable speed to get acquainted with such must visit attraction of Valencia as: Valencia Port, City of arts and Sciences, Turia park and, of course, beautiful Old Town area.


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All Valencia Tour on Electric Scooters - It will blow your mind

Tour «All Valencia 2» with duration of 5 hours.

This tour is designed for people who have enough time and have a real desire to know the history of Valencia in details. We will walk and see the most iconic places of Valencia: Central market, Valencia Cathedral, (don’t forget to go hunting for the Holy Grail), La Lonja de la Seda, it is deservedly a UNESCO World Heritage Site and of course Palacio del Marqués de dos Aguas (today it houses the National Museum of Ceramics)
+ GIFT: tasting of traditional drink «Horchata»!


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All Valencia Tour on Electric Scooters - The history of the city

Tour «The Old Town» with duration of 3 hours.

This tour for a true lovers of history, For those who want to touch the history of Valencia, we offer a tour of the roads of the medieval town wall that once surrounded the city.
The route will pass through the oldest part, where the Roman city of Valentia was founded!


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All The Center Tour on Electric Scooters

Price List

Test Ride FREE
Helmet FREE
Child Bike Seat € 5
Electric Scooter Rental (E-Scooter)
Refundable Deposit € 50
1 Hour € 8
2 Hours € 15
3 Hours € 18
1 Day € 25
24 Hours € 30
Rent a Bike
1 Hour € 3
2 Hours € 4
4 Hours € 6
1 Day € 8
24 Hours € 10
Electric Bike Rental (E-Bike)
1 Hour € 12
2 Hours € 20
4 Hours € 25
1 Day € 35
24 Hours € 40